Overcome COVID-19 Stress-Induced Food Cravings With Targeted Amino Acid Therapy


Those millions among us suffering from obesity and diabetes are at greatest risk of infection and death from COVID-19, but most Americans are now self-medicating with high calorie, low-nutrient foods during the stress of the pandemic. This further increases all of our vulnerability to the virus, reducing our immunity and stripping our internal emotional resources. How do we stop this potentially deadly cycle? Join bestselling author and nutritional expert, Julia Ross, MA, NNTS, for a free webinar on October 19th: Learn how individualized amino acid therapy can rebuild brain-levels of key neurotransmitters to reduce stress, stop cravings for foods, alcohol, and drugs, prevent new weight gain, and restore internally generated comfort, courage, and a sense of humor.

This LIVE webinar will describe:
• How we lost our taste for traditional food after two million years by making three-radical dietary shifts in the 1970’s.
• The mood consequences of our increasing consumption of damaging sugars and starches, and our decreasing consumption of saturated fats and protein.
• How depleted levels of the pleasure-and appetite-regulating neurotransmitters serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, and GABA, combined with a destabilized glucose supply to the brain create destructive cravings and negative moods.
• How we can identify our neurotransmitter and blood sugar deficits using reliable symptom indicators.
View these symptoms in The Craving Type Questionnaire

• How we can quickly restore our natural capacity to face stress with strength and resourcefulness.
• How self-tailored doses of specific, readily available amino acid concentrates quickly rebuild normal brain-levels of neurotransmitters and blood glucose to stop anxiety, depression, boredom, and cravings for highly processed carbs.


This LIVE interactive webinar is being held on Monday, October 19
beginning at 5 p.m. PST / 7:00 p.m. CST. Pre-registration is required.

Registration link

The webinar is free and open to health professionals and the general public. For questions regarding webinar registration, please email info@naturalhealthresearch.org.

The webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the NHRI YouTube channel for later viewing if, as a registered participant, you should happen to miss the presentation.

About the Speaker: Julia Ross, MA, NNTS, is the author of the best-sellers The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure and her new, The Craving Cure. A renowned innovator in the eating disorders and addictions recovery fields, Ross has pioneered the use of brain-targeted nutrient therapies to correct dysfunctional mood and appetite chemistry. Since 1988 she has directed a clinic (virtual since 2014) that provides neuro-nutrient therapy specifically to eliminate cravings for the toxic foods that are driving our epidemics of diabetes and obesity. Ross also trains health professionals and has been featured frequently at conferences, in print, and online. To learn more, visit JuliaRossCures.com.


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