New Hope for New Year Resolutions: The Craving Cure

Body Wisdom Studio

Julia Ross’ new book, The Craving Cure, exposes the real reason most of us can’t stick to a healthy diet: our favorite foods are carefully designed to be addictive. She calls these irresistible, ultra-processed, nutrient-void sweets and starches “Techno-karbz” and holds them responsible for our now world-wide epidemics of diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more.

Pre-Conference Workshop: “Masterclass in Neuronutrient Therapy”

Roots NTS Conference

Come to the Pre-Conference Workshop: "Masterclass in Neuronutrient Therapy" with Julia Ross: FEB 28, 2019 Description: Our international epidemics of obesity, degenerative disease, mood disorders, and addictive cravings for ultra-processed food consumption are rooted in a few specific amino acid deficiencies. The brain’s appetite- and mood-regulating chemistry is dependent on a robust supply of the particular […]

Paleo Valley Pod Cast with Julia Ross

We’re stressed, out of our routine, trapped at home and for many of us our CRAVINGS for sugar and other junk foods are at an all time high. But what if I told you that there is a simple, natural way to eliminate your cravings. AND that this strategy could kick your cravings NOW and […]


Quit Sugar Summit, Sunday, May 3, 2020

  Quit Sugar Summit. Julia Ross MA is interviewed on the 5th Annual Quit Sugar Summit. Over 45 knowledgeable scientists, doctors, researchers, advocates, and authors share their expertise through May 3, 2020. Julia will give real solutions in solving the whole problem in one hour. Click here to register:


Zoom Public Forum on “Getting Our Brains Back”

Amino Aid In The Time of COVID, a Zoom Q & A next Wednesday, May 13, 2020, at 11 am PST We’ll discuss the questions we didn’t have time to answer on April 29th. Register for this event NOW!    

The Brain-Heart-Gut Connection Summit

This dynamic interview dove right into how the brain controls our moods and appetites. This was a good thing til the 70's when a dietary apocalypse began to "de-wire" our brains and send us ever deeper into junk food cravings. Fortunately, Julia has learned how to nutritionally restore out ancient feeding instincts and eradicate junk […]