There’s been a lot of excitement today about the possibility that an amino acid called phenylalanine can turn off our cravings for junk food after a workout. This is a rat study and will be years in the study phase before any drug company can convert it into the latest disappointing workout miracle.

However, research in this arena is getting warmer: amino acids really are the answer to our junk food craving epidemic and it’s hideous health consequences. We’ve been using a few other targeted amino acids, like L glutamine and 5 HTP,  with thousands of our now virtual clinic’s clients since 1986! We keep using them because, simple, inexpensive, and rapid acting as they are, they really work. We now routinely see over 90% of our clients lose all of their cravings for junk foods and happily begin eating healthful foods – often within 24 hours!


To find out which amino acids your particular cravings are going to respond best to, please take the Craving Cure Questionnaire on my website that will lead you to the action steps you’ll need to take to quickly get the relief you deserve.