Find a Practitioner for Help with Your Negative Moods

The NeuroNutrient Therapy Institute

If you’d like more mood-optimizing help than The Mood Cure alone provides, you’ll find it here. The following mood specialists, addiction specialists, and integrative psychiatrists are highly qualified health professionals. They have received extensive training from Julia Ross or are experts in their own right. They are skilled in providing effective brain-targeted nutritional therapy, including alternatives to antidepressant drugs (in concert with your prescribing physician).

For help in eliminating emotional over-eating, also see Julia’s Virtual Clinic for Food Cravers.

First, complete these two mood assessment questionnaires below and send them to any potential practitioner to allow them to see what you’ll need at-a-glance:
(1) The Mood Type Questionnaire
(2) Are You Moody? Further Mood Self-Assessment

Second, search for an NNTI certified practitioner listed below by category and geographical area they serve.

Mood Specialists

Mood and addiction problems are best dealt with in person, whenever possible. All practitioners are licensed or certified health professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Most have completed at least one year of advanced training at Julia Ross’ NeuroNutrient Therapy Institute and have been certified as NeuroNutrient Therapy Specialists. (Note the NNTS after their names.)

Julia’s Virtual Clinic’s staff only provide counseling for those whose primary problems are food craving and overeating or insomnia.

What kind of help you should expect from these amino acid therapy specialists:

Those practitioners who are Neuro-nutrient Therapy Specialists and are listed below have all been certified (and have been re-certified at least once). They have all proven themselves to be well-able to provide the following care, and have committed to doing so in writing as of August, 2018:

1. Provide at least 12 weeks of regular (typically weekly, at least initially) in-person or live Skype/Zoom meetings, as needed, begun by the assessment of symptoms and contraindications.

2. Set up a schedule of amino acid and other nutrient supplementation.

3. Propose a traditional diet including adequate, brain-restorative amounts of protein, fat, whole carbohydrates, and calories.

4. Continue monitoring and adjusting dosing and diet through regular symptom (and dietary) re-assessments till initial symptoms are consistently much improved or totally eradicated.

5. Plan amino supplement termination.

If you consult with a certified NNTI practitioner who is not providing the above-described care, please ask her or him to do so. You can also contact us at

Mood Specialists – USA

Practitioners listed by state/city served (some may also work via Skype):


CA – Chico

Susan Bertozzi MFT, NTP, NTS
Center for Emotional Balance

CA – Marin County

April Blake ND, LM,
Naturopathic Medicine
Hormone balancing, GI dysfunction, perimenopause, women’s health, mood disorders
888-975-1968 (fax)

CA – Monterey 

Mary Sue Abernethy, MFT, RD, NTS
Mood and Eating Disorders Specialist

CA – Solvang

Vonda Kay Schaefer, MFT, NTS
Psychotherapy and Integrative Nutrition
1610 Oak St. #206
Solvang CA 93463

CA – Walnut Creek

Vonda Kay Schaefer, MFT, NTS
Psychotherapy and Integrative Nutrition
2900 Camino Diablo #200
Walnut Creek CA 94597

Virtual Practice

Julia Ross’ Virtual Clinic for Food Cravings and Insomnia.

Mood Specialists – International

The following health professionals are either NNTI Certified or experts in their own right.

Practitioners listed by country served:

CANADA – Regina, SK

Wendy Turner Larsen, NNTI, MS Nutrition, MA Adult Ed, MA
Counseling/Psych, NTS
Brain Health/Leadership Coaching
Turner-Larsen Consulting


Barbara Clark, NNTI, CN, NTS
Nutritional Therapy Institute Staff Nutritionist
Bilingual German and English


Chikako Harper, ND, LMT,
translated The Mood Cure into
Japanese for publication
(not NNTI certified)
ProActive Healthcare Clinic
Bilingual Japanese and English
For Japanese, 503-477-0472 (direct)

Integrative Psychiatric Help

for more complex mood problems that may not resolve completely with amino acid and dietary therapies alone.

(Especially if Are You Moody? Further Mood Self-Assessment has several yes answers.)

Integrative Psychiatrists

Practitioners listed by state/city served:

CA – Los Angeles

Hyla Cass, MD
Integrative Psychiatry, AUthor

CO – Denver

Mary Braud, MD
Integrative Psychiatrist
Adults, children, and adolescents
Addiction recovery specialty

MA – Boston

James Greenblatt, MD
Integrative Psychiatrist; Mood and Eating Disorders
Author of The Breakthrough Depression Solution & Answers to Anorexia
Integrative Psych MD


For Help With Addiction to Alcohol / Drugs / Behavior

Addiction Specialists


They are not Certified Neuro-Nutrient Therapy Specialists (NTS), but they are leading experts in their own rights, as indicated.

See, which promotes nutrient-based recovery. Its website is extremely informative. Addiction professionals who are members are supportive of integrative treatment methods. They are listed there as are directions for how you can get the best nutritional recovery care possible even in a conventional treatment program.


Practitioners listed by state/city served:


CO – Denver

Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN
Director of The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition
Addiction specialist; Individual, family, and nutritional counseling

Christina can also refer you to certified graduates of her Academy or to nutritionally-sophisticated treatment programs or support you through a conventional program that allows nutritional recovery.