Training & Certification

If you’re a health practitioner who is convinced that nutritional therapies can literally change our minds as well as our bodies…

If you would like to develop expertise in the targeted nutrient therapies that can correct mood, appetite, energy, and sleep problems by nutritionally enhancing the brain’s neurotransmitter functions…

If you would like to know more about correcting the other biological functions that impact our stress tolerance, our vulnerability to addiction and more…

…consider training with The Neuro-Nutrient Therapy Institute (NNTI)




Required Readings; CDs; DVDs 

  • The Mood Cure
  • The Diet Cure
  • The Craving Cure
  • The Healing Nutrients Within
  • Alternatives to Antidepressants: DVD

See the Books, CD’s, and DVD’s section in the Julia Ross’ Cures Shop

Additional Readings and Other Resources Provided Throughout the Course

eg. Neuro-Nutrient Therapy: 21st Century Treatment for Addictive Disorders:  CD set/download


Foundations of Amino Acid Therapy: At least 14 Recorded seminars.

The Client Assessment Process: Evaluating symptoms and history. To facilitate this, each student will experience an individual assessment and trialing sessions conducted by an NNTI instructor.

Recognizing And Understanding Deficits In Serotonin, GABA, Endorphin, Dopamine/Norepinephrine, And Blood Sugar Function.

Using Individual Amino Acids TherapeuticallySelecting, Trialing, Dosing, Monitoring, Terminating and Documenting the amino’s effects over time with adults and children. Options of dyad practice and practice with volunteers to build confidence.

Dealing with Diets: Fielding questions re vegan, vegetarian, and other current diet trends. Individualizing healthful meals with adequate nutrients and calories.


Advanced Topics Seminars

Following the initial Foundations of Amino Acid Therapy segment, comes a set of seminars addressing more complex problems, some of which Amino Acid Therapy, alone, cannot totally resolve:


  • Providing Alternatives to SSRIs
  • Food Cravings:  The Craving Curein Action
  • Pyroluria
  • Sub clinical Bi-polar Spectrum Issues
  • Thyroid Factors: Energy and Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Adrenal Dysfunction:  Stress and Sleep
  • Weight Repair
  • Diabetes
  • Eating Disorders
  • Addictions:  Alcohol, Drugs, Behaviors
  • When and How to Research, Consult, and/or Refer


Monthly Case-Review and Troubleshooting Groups  For ongoing clinical support.


Individual Case Consultations/Mentoring 1-2 hours, 2 times per month until each trainee’s case-work requirements are met (20 cases, with 8 certification cases formally presented in writing).  Typically, this process takes 12 months.



  • Julia Ross MA, NTS, Author, Director of NNTI and The Julia Ross Virtual Clinic
  • Barbara Clark NC, NTS, NNTI Trainee Liaison, Lead Nutritionist at The Virtual Clinic
  • Guest Instructors:  Mary Sue Abernethy MFT, RD, NTS (eating disorder expert) and others.

Tuition: Approximately $4,500 paid in advance or in monthly installments.  Additional cost for internship at The Julia Ross Virtual Clinic.




Food Fundamentals Prerequisite:   Only for psychotherapists and other health practitioners with little or no formal education in the fundamentals of diet and nutrition

Live & Recorded Sessions


In the past, NNTI has referred these potential trainees to basic nutritionist training programs because NNTI’s advanced amino acid training requires trainees to have an understanding of the food fundamentals in order to provide the vital dietary guidance needed to rebuild permanent neurotransmitter health. Now, however, we are providing that basic training ourselves! One of our own certified NNTS’ who is also a seasoned certified nutritionist has designed a program that combines the essentials of traditional eating with the strategies we have developed for dealing with modern food challenges. It may be taken during or before the advanced amino acid therapy training. (Other comparable courses may be substituted.)


Seminar Session Topics:

Food Basics






Food Sensitivities

Minerals and Water

Blood Sugar Regulation

Cooking Basics


Learn More About the Training and Certification



Local Training & Certification

Twelve Months of Live, Practice-Based Seminars

Discontinued during the COVID era 

Why consider training in Neuro-Nutrient therapy?

How Will your Clients/Patients Benefit?

Mastering amino acid therapy and related techniques will dramatically improve your ability to help the 75% of your case load who are struggling with insomnia, fatigue, negative moods, blood sugar disorders, and compulsive carbohydrate consumption.
Appetite Control
“If only my patients would follow a healthy diet.” Unfortunately, willpower alone, even bolstered by the threat or reality of severe illness, often cannot withstand overwhelming cravings for sugars and refined starches. These cravings, typically generated by neurotransmitter deficiencies, make it impossible for many people, even the most health-conscious and well intentioned, to stick to the wholesome foods they need (and would prefer to eat!) Amino acid and associated therapies can quickly eliminate their cravings for empty and toxic calories, giving them a tremendous mental and physical health advantage and putting an end to unneeded weight gain and blood sugar instability. This applies most particularly to our epidemic of diabetes, but other epidemic killers such as heart disease and cancer are also closely associated with diets high in refined sugars and starches and other toxic foods.
Mood Enhancement
“My patient is so depressed and discouraged that she’s not even getting in to her appointments.” Chronic depression, anxiety, and other negative moods not only effect 50% of the US population they are also risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other health problems. Gaining the power to eliminate depression without drugs, calm the stress response, and normalize sleep using simple and permanent neurotransmitter restoration therapies will allow you to provide prevention and treatment options otherwise impossible to attain. By providing tools that can eliminate more than 20 negative emotional states within 24 hours, including depression, anxiety, apathy, overstress and chronic sadness you will improve your clients’ quality of life enormously. These negative moods can often be permanently eliminated in only a few months of nutrient therapy, since the aminos are typically only needed short-term (assuming that adequate protein is regularly consumed in the diet).
Psychological Healing
Being able to distinguish neurochemical deficits, or “false” moods, from genuine emotional distress is crucial to this effort. Where current or past unresolved trauma play a role, the resulting stress will continue to erode neurotransmitter function (which may have been already deficient genetically) and overall health and well being. It is important to know how to assess and address emotional needs and refer for psychotherapeutic help when needed. This training process will give you guidance in this vital aspect of holistic care. If you are a psychotherapist you will be able to help your clients determine when psychotherapy may not be needed.
Alternatives to Antidepressants
Forty-three million Americans were using antidepressant drugs (SSRI’s and SNRIs) in 2002. This was prior to the first shocking report exposing the fatal flaws in these medications. Since then, most antidepressant takers have become understandably frightened, and many are attempting to withdraw from their medications. Unfortunately, most of them face daunting, sometimes insuperable, withdrawal symptoms and a return of often‐unbearable mood problems. As a result of these withdrawal problems, effective advertising, and increasing rates of depression, the use of these drugs has increased and they are now used by 20% of the US population. Neuronutrient therapy, in conjunction with a prescriber – and/or pharmacist – monitored medication taper, removes the discomfort of withdrawal, and, restores optimal serotonin levels. This prevents the return of depression, anxiety, insomnia and the many other symptoms of serotonin deficiency. Permanently. And quickly.
There are several types of insomnia that plague us in the “developing” world. Being able to identify and correct the particular brain/body/imbalances that cause them is an art you will master in this process.
Addiction Treatment
Whether you know it or not, many of your clients are struggling to some degree with alcohol, drug, and behavioral addictions. Genetic mood chemistry deficiencies are at the root of addiction, whether it be to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, Xanax, Oxycodone, tobacco or sex. The resulting negative moods and overpowering cravings continually drive addicts and alcoholics back to their neurotransmitter-altering substances. Amino acids and related therapies can eliminate even those notoriously treatment-resistant compulsions by helping to reprogram inherited deficits in neurotransmitter and blood sugar function. You will learn how to tactfully identify these problems and help create effective recovery strategies.
Systemic Healing
Most clients/patients are struggling with a variety of systemic imbalances, many of which can significantly impair neurotransmitter function. The most common are digestive, thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone problems. The system of evaluation and treatment of these and other problems developed at Julia Ross’s clinic and made available in this certification process is extremely effective. Many well established programs across the country have consulted with the Institute to adapt their intake, assessment, and treatment procedures to this comprehensive model.
Pain Relief
Pain medications are the top selling and most addictive drugs in America. Chronic pain affects at least 50% of the general population and 75% of those seen by health care practitioners of all kinds. Pain tolerance is regulated in large part by the neurotransmitters Endorphin, GABA and Serotonin. By restoring neurotransmitter function, pain levels may be dramatically and quickly reduced, while appropriate structural adjustments and/or other interventions are sought to remove the underlying causes of pain. The adjunctive use of energy medicine methods and natural anti-inflammation provides further powerful elimination.
Amino Acid Therapy can eliminate fatigue permanently and take effect in 15 minutes if the problem is caused by neurotransmitter deficiency. If additional causes of fatigue are diet-related, thyroid-related, or adrenal related, due to metal toxicity, or a chronic viral or parasitic infestation, the certification process can help you assess, test, and treat more effectively.