The Craving Type Questionnaire

Which of the 5 types of food craving is your brain generating?

The Craving Type Questionnaire

As a food-craver, you have a brain that can be generating up to five different types of craving, simultaneously!  This Questionnaire was designed to pinpoint exactly which of the five craving types is drawing you to foods you don’t want to eat.  Each type of craving can only be turned off by a single,  specific, brain-targeted nutrient, so knowing your own personal craving type(s) is key.  The scoring on this questionnaire has led thousands of our clinic’s clients to total craving eradication over the past 25 years.


In each of the five Craving Type sections below, check off the symptom statements that accurately describe your current feelings or behaviors on an average day.  When you complete your scoring, we’ll send you a graph of your results and point you towards how to eliminate your specific type(s) of craving.

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