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Are You Addicted to Techno-Karbz?


The formal definition of addiction is this: The inability to stop doing something that you know is harming you.

If you are diabetic, for example, and still eating the high-sugar or high-starch foods that cause diabetes, you are addicted to these foods. Addictive food cravings come in all sizes and strengths. Do your visions of chocolate linger for hours until you finally succumb? Do you suffer unstoppable drive-to-the-store-and-eat-it-all-in-the-car-now compulsions?

If damaging foods have you by the throat, it’s not because you’re mindless, misinformed, or undisciplined. The problem is that your brain is constantly being exposed to the most addictive substances ever known. Our brains’ ancient appetite-control system is no match for the now-constant assault of commercial ‘foodz’ products designed to disable it. What are the specific ingredients in them that set off your cravings?

The Brain-Targeted Ingredients That Are Addicting You:

  • High-fructose syrups from corn, agave, and fruit
  • Granulated sugar from cane and beet
  • Chocolate
  • Damaged vegetable oils like corn or soy
  • Gluten-containing and gluten-free white-flour/starches
  • Milk products
  • Cannabis

Addictive Foods Are Not Intended to Nourish You

The cheaply produced, adorably presented products made from these ingredients are not foods. They are edible drugs passing as food. I call them Techno-Karbz. Their high calorie contents are designed to alter your brain chemistry but have been found to be 60 percent nutrient void. By calling them foods, we perpetuate the junk food industry’s massive hoax.