Below, find the aminos that your questionnaire scores indicate you need. The aminos for types 1, 3, 4, and 5 correct brain neurotransmitter deficiencies. The Type 2 amino corrects the brain’s blood glucose levels.

Amino For Type 1, Depressed Cravers

Tryptophan (500 mg) or 5-HTP (50 mg) can correct the underlying serotonin deficits in those who eat Techno Karbz for relief of worry, depression, obsessiveness, insomnia, and other low-serotonin symptoms.


Amino For Type 2, Crashed Cravers

Glutamine (500 mg) can instantly stop hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) cravings for sugar, starch, or alcohol.


Aminos For Type 3, Comfort Cravers

DPA (500 mg) or DLPA (500 mg) can correct the endorphin deficits that drive comfort-food cravings.


Amino For Type 4, Stressed Cravers

GABA (125 mg) or Theanine (100-200 mg) can stop the cravings caused by stress and tension by increasing levels of naturally tranquilizing GABA.


Aminos For Type 5, Fatigued Cravers

Tyrosine (500 mg) or l-Phenylalanine (500 mg), taken in the early part of the day, can stop cravings for caffeinated or chocolate treats in fatigued, inattentive eaters who are low in dopamine and norepinephrine.

Notes Type 5: 

1) These Type 5 stimulating aminos can counteract the effects of the soothing aminos 1) and 4) if taken at the same time. (They are fine taken with Types 2 and 3 aminos.)

2)  There are more possible risks for these aminos than for any of the others, so check the Type 5 Precautions in the saftey check, Step III, carefully.