I’m glad we connected at the Summit. Because you may not have the
time or attention during the current health crisis to read my book, The Craving
Cure, I’m sending you a super-condensed version of the book’s five Action Steps. I
want to help as many people as possible right now and I know that those of you
watching my interview at this summit will make good use of this Amino Aid
package. Much of this material has never been on the internet before. Please feel
free to send it on.

When you submit the below form, Name and E Mail, we will send you the Amino Aid Five Step Action Plan.

Julia Ross
Julia Ross, MA, NNTS

Author of The Craving Cure, The Mood Cure, & The Diet Cure

Director of the Nutritional Therapy Institute’s Virtual Clinic and Neuro Nutrient Therapy Training Programs

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