Amino Trialing Kits

You could order a Trialing Kit that contains samples of all of the aminos. That way you can try them before you buy full bottles online or in stores. The Kit also contains Vitamin C that will neutralize any negative reactions you might have in minutes.

  • For almost every Craving Type there are actually two amino options to choose from. If you experience negative effects (e.g. a mild headache) or no benefits after trying the first amino option, the alternate amino almost always works well.
  • How Many and When? One or more aminos are typically needed, 2-3 times a day between or before meals. (Initially, the effects of the aminos only last about four hours.)

All of the aminos for Craving Types 1-4 can be taken anytime, alone or together, as needed. Type 5 aminos, though, are often too stimulating to be taken with soothing Types 1 and 4 aminos. (They can counteract each other.)

  • Starting Doses:

Adults:  Starting doses are placed in parentheses behind each amino listed on the Amino Repair page list. For those who are sensitive to supplements generally, lower doses (e.g. ¼ – ½ doses) should be used to start.

Children: Start with 1/8 dose for toddlers (or less).  ¼ dose for young children. ½ dose for preteens. Age fourteen and over are usually ok on adult (full capsule) starting doses.

  • Tailoring your amino doses: Go up gradually if the starting dose gives little or no benefit. Try two. Then try three if two have little or no effect. It is rare to need a fourth dose. (Click here for a blank supplement schedule)
  • If any amino has any negative effect:
    • Stop taking it till the negative effect is gone.
    • Have capsules of 1000 mg Vitamin C to open and stir into 4 ounces of water to quickly eliminate negative effects.
    • Try it at a half dose. I the negative reaction still occurs,  try the alternate amino, starting at a half dose, to avoid the possibility of another negative reaction. If you fell nothing, you can go up from there in half doses.
    • Stop completely if any negatives persist.
  • When to Stop taking an Amino permanently: After you’ve been eating real food for a while. How long? For a few days (toddlers). For a few weeks (young kids). For a few months (for most teens and adults). If your cravings come back, take them again for a few months and try going off again til cravings stop coming back.


Alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures.  If your alcohol use is heavy, taper down over a two-week period or stop alcohol altogether and use a Benzo like Valium or Klonopin with medical help.