For almost every Craving Type there are actually two amino options to choose from. If you experience negative effects (e.g. a mild headache) or no benefits after trying the first amino option, the alternate amino almost always works well.

How Many and When? One or more aminos are typically needed, 2-3 times a day between or before meals. (Initially, the effects of the aminos only last about four hours.)

All of the aminos for Craving Types 1-4 can be taken anytime, alone or together, as needed. Type 5 aminos, though, are often too stimulating to be taken with soothing Types 1 and 4 aminos. (They can counteract each other.)

Amino Trialing is the First Step in Dosing 

  • You could order a Trialing Kit that contains samples of all of the aminos. That way you can try them before you buy full bottles online or in stores. The Kit also contains Vitamin C that will neutralize any negative reactions you might have in minutes.


Starting Doses

Adults:  Starting doses are placed in parentheses behind each amino listed on the Supplement Schedule. For those who are sensitive to supplements generally, lower doses (e.g. ¼ – ½ doses) should be used to start.

Children: Start with 1/8 dose for toddlers (or less).  ¼ dose for young children. ½ dose for preteens. Age fourteen and over are usually ok on adult (full capsule) starting doses.

  • Tailoring Your Amino DosesGo up gradually if the starting dose gives little or no benefit. Try two. Then try three if two have little or no effect. It is rare to need a fourth dose. (Click here for a blank supplement schedule)
    • If any amino has any negative effect:
      • Stop taking it till the negative effect is gone.
      • Have capsules of 1000 mg Vitamin C to open and stir into 4 ounces of water to quickly eliminate negative effects.
      • Later, if your score on the related section of the questionnaire is still high, re-trial it at a half dose.  If the negative reaction occurs again, Trial the alternate amino, starting at a half dose, to avoid the possibility of another negative reaction. If you feel no response, you can go up from there in half doses.
      • Stop completely if any negatives persist.


When to Stop Taking an Amino Permanently

  •  After a few days (toddlers). After a few weeks (young kids). After a few months (most teens and adults).
  • If your cravings/negative moods return, take the aminos again for a time and then try going off again.