More and more of us are seeking help with weight and health problems, but finding it impossible to follow dietary recommendations because of our overpowering cravings for processed food. In fact, our cravings for highly inflammatory, high calorie, nutrient-poor foods had already precipitated the greatest international public health crisis in history, even before the Covid-19:

  • 80 percent of the U.S. population is now overweight and morbid (i.e. deadly) obesity accounts for almost half of that. But the U.S. obesity growth rate, for decades the world’s fastest, and still rising, has now been exceeded by eleven, mostly third world, nations who have adopted our cheap, but deadly, diet.
  • Fifty percent of U. S. adults have now been formally diagnosed with some form of Type 2 diabetes. Yet diabetes rates in the many countries throughout the world that now subsist on American food equal or exceed our own. In China, the diabetes rate is 70 percent.
  • An international study published in 2018, found that ultra-processed food intake is linked to increased cancer rates; to a 12% greater risk of breast cancer, specifically.

Unfortunately, such fearsome realities have had little impact on our eating habits, Especially now, with the added COVID-related cravings. Our cravings for “highly palatable,” drug-like foods outweigh our common sense, our vanity, and even our most powerful survival instincts.



How combining neuroscience and nutritional science has saved thousands of food cravers from the dietary disaster.

Excerpted and adapted from The Townsend Letter (11/2018)  []