PepsiCo is Offering Tranquility?

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Posts | 0 comments

In an outrageously popular pre-purchase ad, Pepsi is entering the field of mental
But are the 200 units of calming theanine that its new beverage contains
gram units or milligram units? (The spin-off press on the product is wildly
divided.) 200 milligrams is a significant dose. 200 grams is an alarming overdose.
The beverage’s other contents are also as yet unclear. I would advise those
interested in tranquility to pay 20 cents for a capsule of theanine and to start with
100 mg. (or to pass it up altogether if they have very low blood pressure).
To confirm whether you might benefit at all, take the Questionnaire at

 and see how you score on Overstressed Type 3. If your scores are high, your brain is producing suboptimal amounts of its naturally calming neurotransmitter, GABA or your adrenals are malfunctioning. Theanine and the other calming amino acids I recommend at my clinic and in my books, can help raise those levels (very quickly!).