3 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 22, 2017

Less is not more

Actually, the secret to a safe Thanksgiving is eating more! Eat a good breakfast that includes plenty of craving-fighting protein (like eggs and bacon) and a high-protein lunch (e.g. a big turkey and cheese salad or sandwich). If you eat the big meal in the early afternoon at least get in a substantial brunch beforehand. Have plenty of raw veggies cut up and sliced plus sliced meat/cheese rollups to snack on while others are having candy and chips. Fill up on lots of turkey and vegetables and have some potatoes or yams (if not swimming in sugary syrup). For dessert, have one bite of pumpkin pie and savor it for five minutes. Cover it with lots of whipped cream (which is mostly air). Limit alcohol. It relaxes discipline and impairs judgement: “Oh, who cares if I have a third helping of pie.” If you eat the holiday meal early, have a meal of leftovers later in the evening to keep from junk-snacking.

Have a little patience

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving falls before December 12! That’s when The Craving Cure will come out with the lifeline you really need. It will guarantee that you won’t sink into any Christmas bingeing, anyway. How? It will give you the key to turning off your cravings where they start – in your brain! You’ll float past the fudge and crumble the Christmas cookies. The author, clinic director Julia Ross has seen this holiday miracle happen thousands of times: no eggnog, no candy canes, no Sees, no jello mold, no pie – with no effort!

Get away when you need to

What if you start to lose it? Put on your coat and go for a brisk walk or excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, and dance hard or run in place for five minutes. If you lose it totally, do not blame yourself; you’re a victim of food scientists, who have figured out how to addict you to their high calorie, low nutrient health bombs. Hope is in sight, though. It’s only 20 days till December 12!