Body Builders’ Battle

Feb 16, 2019

What Does the Body Building Industry Regard as the Black Hole?

The Missing Key?

What is the constant complaint that trainers have no answer for?

“I can’t stop eating bad food!”

Several body building leaders have shared with me that they’ve been unable to solve this huge problem that discourages so many who are drawn to their sites and products. A longtime consultant to the industry, Brian Rand, attended one of my weekend trainings and told me that he’d recently been asked to consult with the frustrated coach of a hugely talented competitive body-builder. The man had developed the ultimate musculature, but had been unable to get enough definition to even place in competitions. The problem? His inability to stay away from junk foods was keeping his contours buried. Brian had already learned about my work with amino acids from my books, so he’d quickly put this potential champ on several aminos, most notably DLPA (the endorphin booster). Suddenly, the ‘builder’ had no junk food cravings and his weight was dropping nicely (not too quickly). After just a few months on the aminos and his now – enjoyable junk-free diet, he was finally starting to win his competitions!