Julia Responds to Dawn’s Craving Type Questionnaire Scores: Be Sure to Correctly Score Your Questionnaire!

Mar 14, 2018

Dawn miss-scored her Profile Graph! Her total scores were 5, 2, 7, 2, and 5. Her highest scores seemed to be for Types 1, 3, and 5. Unfortunately, she’d reversed the last two scores in the score boxes below the scoring graph. She’d put her low, Type 5 Fatigued Craver, score in the Type 4 box and her high, Type 4 Stressed Craver, score in the Type 5 box. This could have seriously thrown off her amino cure! During her amino trialing had she taken a capsule of one of the two aminos that can energize Type 5’s, by mistake, she might have had an unpleasantly over-stimulated reaction. If so, taking the Vitamin C antidote would have helped. A little calming GABA or tryptophan could have helped as well. (Had she purchased an Amino Trialing Kit, she would have had all these aminos on hand.)

But the worst problem? She might never have trialed the amino for her highest scoring type of cravings – Type 4, The Stressed Craver! She might never have known how it felt to be naturally relaxed and free of stress-induced food cravings. Now I hope she will.

Her trials of the aminos for her other two high-scoring types – Type 1, The Depressed Craver, and Type 3, the Comfort Craver, probably went smoothly. But it would be interesting to know which aminos she took, since there are two aminos to choose from for each of these two Craving Types. The directions for taking the aminos for each of the Craving Types is located in Chapter 12 and include advice on which amino might be best to try first when there are two good options.

Her Type 1, Depressed Craver, severity scores are high, with lots of negative moods identified along with afternoon and/or evening cravings for carbs. If some of these moods linger, even after the aminos have fully eliminated her cravings, she might want to refer to The Mood Cure, Chapter 3, to learn more about dealing with low-serotonin mood problems. Another helpful book would be Depression-Free Naturally, by Joan Matthews-Larson, PhD.

Her Type 3, Comfort Craver severity scores indicated she gets lots of pleasure and emotional solace (both 10s!) from foods like bagels and cream cheese (unusually, not chocolate!). She might need to eliminate both wheat and milk products, as per Chapter 14, and then reintroduce them later, one at a time, as per Chapter 15, to see if they still set off cravings or have other adverse effects. If so, they’d go into the “permanently avoid” category.

For help on any of the above or other craving cure issues, she could also talk to a Craving Coach at Julia’s virtual clinic (see cravingcure.com).