Perfect Blender Olive Oil Mayonnaise

Jan 28, 2013

Makes about 1-1/4 cups.


1 large egg
1 tsbp vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp dry mustard
1/8 tsp paprika
dash ground red pepper
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice


Combine egg, vinegar, salt, dry mustard, paprika, ground pepper in blender. Cover and blend about 5 seconds.

Uncover and with blender running on the slowest speed, add 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil in the thinnest stream you can, still making a stream. For best results, the stream of oil should hit the combination in the container halfway between the side of the container and the vortex in the middle.

Add 1 T. lemon juice; running the blender on the slowest speed, gradually add 1/2 cup more extra virgin olive oil. If the oil quits moving into the vortex, stop the blender and break the surface tension of the mayonnaise, using a spatula to scrape the sides (sometimes just turning the blender off and on again will do this).

Store for up to 4 weeks in a tightly covered jar in the refrigerator.

Adapted from The Mood Cure Chapter 9, where you can find more recipes and ideas for everyday eating.