The Craving Cure Countdown: Tips for Surviving Holiday Eating

Dec 9, 2017


You Can Get Your Hands on a Copy of Julia Ross’ new book, The Craving Cure on December 12!

For immediate release: December 1, 2017

After December 12th, the top tip for staying safe during the Christmas season will be take amino acids. Till then you’ll have to make do with tip number two, eat more! Eat good breakfasts that includes plenty of craving-fighting protein (like eggs and bacon or a three egg omelet with cheese) every morning and a high-protein lunch and dinner (e.g. a big meat and cheese salad or a beef burrito bowl (no wrap, extra veggies and meat). Have raw veggies cut up plus sliced meat and/or cheese rollups to take and snack on while others are having candy and chips.

Also avoid much alcohol whose effects too commonly include; “Oh, who cares if I have a third helping of dessert.”

On December 12, you’ll quit struggling and catch the lifeline that will make it easy to avoid Christmas bingeing – this year or any other year! The Craving Cure will give you the key to turning off your cravings where they start – in your brain! Once you’ve taken The Craving Type Questionnaire and followed the book’s initial action plan, you’ll start floating past the fudge and yawning at the Christmas cookies.

Craving Cure author and clinic director Julia Ross has witnessed this holiday miracle thousands of times. Her clients routinely report no eggnog, no candy canes, no Sees, no jello mold, no pie – with no effort! Their Christmas songs? “It’s amazing!” and “I walked down the bakery aisle and didn’t want to put anything in the cart!”

What if you start to lose it before December 12? Put on your coat and go for a brisk walk, with or without the dog; or excuse yourself, go into the bathroom, and dance hard or run in place for five minutes. Vigorous exercise has a positive effect on several of the brain’s appetite regulators.

If you lose it totally between now and the 12th, do not blame yourself; you’re a victim of food science, which has figured out how to addict you to high calorie, low nutrient health bombs. Hope is in sight, though. There is only a click between you and The Craving Cure. In the meantime, see the excerpts from the book and take The Craving Cure Questionnaire.  And don’t forget that it is a wonderful Christmas present!