Would You Like To Eat And Look Like Your Ancestors?

Feb 22, 2019


Too many Techno-Karbz and too many low-calorie diets have skewed our weight-regulating mechanisms. My clinic has developed eleven techniques that help to readjust and correct those mechanisms.


  1. Brain-targeted amino acid supplements eliminate cravings for toxic, high-calorie, low-nutrient, weight-disturbing, craving-promoting foods.
  2. These same aminos, teamed with a stabilizing whole food diet, eliminate the negative moods and overstress that drive us to “emotional over-eating.”
  3. Regular exercise and calorie burning become possible and more productive with increases in high-protein foods (energizing iron-rich red meat in particular) combined with brain-targeted amino acid supplements that restore the desire and capacity to be active.
  4. Different brain-targeted amino acids can provide the eight hours of sleep now known to be required for needed weight loss.
  5. Learning to establish a caloric intake in accordance with our own needs can prevent, and reverse, the weight-loss freeze caused by low-calorie dieting.
  6. Home food testing can identify hidden foods that contribute to cravings, weight retention, and ill health.
  7. Blood sugar level stabilizing and insulin resistance reversal can both be accomplished in hypoglycemics and diabetics using specific foods with amino acids and other nutrient supplements.
  8. We can stop PMS cravings with aminos and other nutrient or herbal supplements, which allows us to stay on a diet free of inflammatory vegetable fats and Techno-Karbz.
  9. Loss of appetite for real food (especially in the morning) caused by zinc deficiency can be corrected with zinc supplementation, red meat consumption, and/or by identifying a genetic factor called pyroluria.
  10. The slip prevention and recovery techniques developed at our clinic over the past thirty years make any relapse into cravings and overeating easy to pull out of.
  11. If weight loss and exercise efforts are impeded, despite all of the above, we can identify whether an impaired thyroid or other trouble is contributing to metabolic shutdown and what can be done about it.